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The Mekong River is one of the longest and most significant rivers in the world. A hotel in Phnom Penh is undoubtedly the best access point for an authentic Mekong cruise.

The Mekong Cruise starts from the small town of Cai Be. One has to drive down to this small town through the Mekong Delta and board a private cruise boat from its well known floating market. The Mekong Cruise continues there onward taking tourists through more tributaries and canals finally reaching Cantho. The Mekong Cruise follows the waterways of Mekong River to the Cairang and Phongdien floating markets where one can buy fruits, vegetables, fish and handicraft items off boats jostling around in the river water. Since the Mekong River flows from the Tibetan plateau through China's Yunnan province, the river runs across Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. The Mekong Cruise is popularly offered in Cambodia and staying at a Siem Reap hotel nearby will help you catch the cruise on time. Raffles Grand Hotel d'Angkor is one of the luxury hotels in Cambodia that you can experience an amazing stay before embarking on this wonderful Mekong Cruise.

The charms of the Three Parallel Rivers Protected Areas consist of torrential rivers, soaring mountains, splendid ethnic cultures, rare plants and animals, which are highlighted by world famous Lijiang Old Town and Shangri-la. Extraordinary Geographical Scenes. The three great Asian rivers run roughly parallel through steep gorges. Bordering the rivers stands gigantic mountains that tower high into the sky. Rich Ethnic Cultures. Some 16 ethnic groups live in harmony among the huge mountains or beside the rivers. Wildlife and flowers in the Three Parallel Rivers area are unique, too.
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